Business Process OUTSOURCING

We assist businesses in improving the management, oversight, and control of their Finance, Administration, Marketing, Human Resources process and functions.

BPO - Functions of Finance

We provide Services of Finance Activities and Processes for businesses with well trained employees that are control of financial policies, formation of planning, preparation of the budget, cost control, Prevention of errors and frauds, keep an accurate record of financial transactions, to create a journal of expenditure and to prepare this information for statements that are often required by Accounting Standard, periodical company performance evaluation, report, system monitoring and process review,

BPO - Functions of HR

We are engaged to provide HR related functions for businesses that are Recruitments and Selections, Employment Contracts, Polices and Procedures, Performance Evaluations, Training & Development, Succession Planning, Maintain Compensation and benefits, Manage Human Resources Information Systems, Analyzing HR Data & etc.